Water-Based Classes

To register for any of our water-based courses, please visit the University of Utah course schedule.  If you are a community member, please visit the Office of Continuing Education.

PRTW 1131: Fly Fishing

PRTW 1323: Sea Kayaking, 2 credits: This is an introduction to sea kayaking course which will include boat packing, basic paddle strokes, rescue techniques, overnight camping, local geological and historical education and Leave No Trace practice. Students will leave this course with a better understanding of expedition planning, water issues facing the American Southwest, and minimum-impact travel techniques.  This four-day adventure typically takes place on Lake Powell.  Students will be responsible for the their own kayak rental.

PRTW 1316: Stand Up Paddleboarding, 2 credits: Students will finish this course with the ability to demonstrate competency in fundamental paddleboarding skills including, stance and balance, paddle techniques, and associated water risk management skills. This will be accomplished through discussions, demonstrations, and practical, activity-based learning. Additionally, students will demonstrate basic camping skills and an increased understanding of issues related to the administration of state and federally-managed public lakes, reservoirs, and rivers such as those use in this class, as they relate to recreation and other uses.

PRTW 1340: Backcountry Yoga, 2 credits: This introductory class is designed for students to unplug, let go, and find their Zen in a nature based setting Focusing on forgetting about “what’s next”, making the connection between mind, body, and spirit and how we can more freely do this in nature by having a full sensory experience through sights, sounds, smells, etc. Students will also learn about camping (w/LNT) and making healthy living and lifestyle choices. Students will have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to enjoy entry level paddle boarding, hiking, as well as incorporating and practicing yoga both on land and on the water. Overnight camping, cooking outdoor, hiking and stand-up paddle boarding will be covered in this class. To determine the last day to drop this miscellaneous course, seehttp://registrar.utah.edu/handbook/miscellaneous.php